In February 2021, 30 of Utrecht University’s most talented and motivated students will be enriching their academic experience with the Utrecht University Business Course. This program is supported by Utrecht University. You will work in small groups for twelve weeks on two challenges. We expect all participants to enrich not only their academic experience but also their network by often getting in touch with the other participants and our partners in informal & digital settings. Visit our Facebook page or LinkedIn page and keep visiting the website to keep up to date on the developments of the program and to be the first to apply for the 2021 programme at the apply page.


The official programme will take place from February 2021 till May 2021 (period 3 and 4 of the UU course schedule). We try to let the meetings not interfere with your internship, lectures, or other classes, and therefore expect the participants to be present at all meetings.

Lectures & workshops

We intend to provide all lectures and workshops digitally on Wednesday evenings from 19:00 until 21:00. Whenever possible, the on-site locations of the formal meetings will differ as we will try to visit our partners.

Team meetings

Next to the formal meeting structure, you will meet regularly with your case team, client and team advisor, or spend time individually on researching a specific topic.

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