About the UUBC

The Utrecht University Business Course was founded in 2013 by three students. They perceived a gap in linking theory to practice in many masters curricula. To fill this gap, this honours programme aims to bring students closer to real working experience by connecting them with professionals and their expertise.


The organisation of Utrecht University Business Course consists of a student board, professors, and alumni. The student board are responsible for vision of the programme and its administration. They are supported by the supervisory board, which assists with the execution of the program and its continued existence.

UUBC board

Marijn Prakke Marijn Prakke

Master student in History and Philosophy of Science

Aizo Verdonk Aizo Verdonk

Master student in Sustainable Business and Innovation

Thi Tran Ngoc Minh Thi Tran Ngoc Minh

Master student in Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology

Samar Khan Samar Khan

Master student in History and Philosophy of Science

Supervisory board

John Scholten
Associate Consultant at Kearney

Serop Lazarian
Entrepreneur In Residence at Holland Startup

An Nguyen
Analyst at SKIM

Elisa Timmer-Voets
Project manager in information management at Maasstad Hospital

Jolie Vullinghs 
Content developer at Therapieland


Frederik Mijnhardt MSc

Wouter Witvoet

Utrecht University

Prof. dr. Erik Stam

dr. Hein Roelfsema