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Programme overview


The UUBC 12-week program starts in February 2020 and lasts till May. Every week you attend a 2-hour workshop at different locations. In addition, you will need ±4-6 (or more) hours a week to work on the challenges with your team in order to develop your ideas.


The introduction weekend will kick off your UUBC journey. You will learn to create your vision and by the end of the weekend, you have formed a team with whom you will be working for the entrepreneurship part. ​Team​ ​building​ ​exercises​ and training on knowledge transfer as well as business skills will get your team ready for​ ​the​ ​challenges​ ​you​ ​will​ ​be​ ​facing.​

After the introduction weekend, you will be able to tackle the first challenge: your team will develop your own start-up idea. Your team will get the freedom to work on an entrepreneurial idea and bring it to fruition. Guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and professionals will help you develop a feasible business plan. Supported by inspirational entrepreneurs and insightful talks you will experience the true entrepreneurial spirit. During these weeks you will feel the freedom, pleasure, and pressure of being an entrepreneur.

When you have pitched your entrepreneurial ideas it is time to switch gears and consult our client company. As you take on the role of a consultant, you will help to solve a real problem the company is currently facing. Through workshops given by consultants from top firms, you will get the consultancy tools you need to provide a solution. This will be a great opportunity to network and to get to know the different consultancy directions. Step-by-step, you will solve the case and present it to our client. Of course, the best solution will be awarded.

What will you learn?


In the first part of the course, your group will develop a start-up idea. You will learn how to validate your ideas and work your way to a feasible product. Learn about marketing, finance and all other business aspects to make a realistic business plan. Get in touch with your future customers and start building something great. At the end of the course, you will pitch your ideas to an audience of investors and experts.


In the second part of the course, you will learn what it’s like to work as a consultant. Each team will be assigned a real problem to solve. The following weeks, you will attend workshops from real consultants, working at top firms. Practical analyses, techniques and effective communication skills are part of the secret to become a savvy consultant. With guidance of these consultants you will learn to systematically tackle the case and present it in an effective manner.


During the program, you will work intensely in a team together with five other students with different backgrounds. As a team you will have to solve complex problems and generate your own ideas. Working this way provides a great opportunity to see different viewpoints and improve your teamwork skills.

Real experience

During the course, you will not just learn new theories. The program is focused on getting out in the real world and gain valuable experience that is applicable in real-life situations. Taking initiative and working together is key during this program. We will help you with the right knowledge and support, everything else is completely up to you!

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